Bryan Wells is a licensed auctioneer and can handle your property from advertising to close of sale. Gain the most from an auction when the auctioneer is on your side.

Bryan closes the auction at Yellow Rock

“In recent times Bryan auctioned our family home and achieved $36,000 above reserve. His knowledge of the whole process is amazing. This has changed our lives and we are happy to recommend Bryan to sell your home or investment, he is without doubt the best Auction Agent in the business”

– E. Loncar

Why should I go to auction?

  1. Urgency. Auctions are a great way to create a sense of urgency amongst buyers. By having a set ‘end date’  buyer come ready to do business and make a decision on the day.
  2. Competition. The competition between buyers can also stimulate the potential price increases and help you achieve top dollar.
  3. Protection. With a reserve price, you can also maintain control of the minimum amount you wish to sell for. Your property is protected from sale unless that minimum bid has attained. Even if the sale isn’t achieved during auction. Many sales resolve within the next 2 weeks post auction.
  4. Control. You set the terms. There is no cooling off period. An auction is an unconditional sale. You may also include set settlement terms that suit your needs.